How long does an evaluation take?

Testing usually takes 1-3 weeks depending on the availability of your schedule. We provide expedited report services at no additional cost and will meet with you to go over results with a completed report within 2-3 weeks after testing is complete. This is about half the time it usually takes to get completed evaluations.


Do you do your own testing and writing?

Absolutely. Our reports are tailored to meet the needs of each individual and are extremely comprehensive in scope.


What does a diagnostic evaluation measure?

A comprehensive diagnostic evaluation consists of a developmental history, review of previous evaluations/interventions, behavior rating scales, and an appropriate battery of diagnostic tests in face-to-face testing sessions with you or your child.  The test battery will change depending upon the nature of the referral, i.e., social/emotional difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorders, school difficulties, diagnostic rule-outs, etc.  Most batteries include intelligence testing, educational assessment, and measures of emotional and social functioning.


What will the report contain?

A final report after diagnostic evaluation will contain personal history, detailed test results, a summary of test results, diagnosis (if appropriate), and recommendations for instruction, accommodations, or interventions.


What if I don’t understand the results?

A feedback session will be conducted to go over the results and recommendations, and to address your questions or concerns. If a parent requests it, there can also be a feedback meeting with the child to help him/her understand the results in age-appropriate language as well address any questions he/she may have.


Why should my child have an evaluation?

A psychological or psychoeducational evaluation serves several purposes.

1. Identification of delays or learning problems, cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses, and/or social/emotional/behavioral difficulties that are interfering with your child’s optimal functioning in and/or out of school

2. Establishing or confirming a specific diagnosis

3. Determination of eligibility for special education and related services

4. Planning an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Accommodation

5. Determining what strategies would be most effective in helping  your child learn

6. Establishing a baseline for measuring  your child’s progress


Will you be willing to meet with a school's special service team and/or talk to the teachers?

Yes, we are willing to accompany parents to school or other meetings upon request.


Would you be willing to answer a question or speak to a tutor or school well after the evaluation
is completed? 

Yes. We invite you to phone if you have any questions once testing is complete, however, if you require more than approximately 30 minutes of our phone time, we ask that you make an appointment to come in and discuss in person.


Are all psychological evaluations created equally? There are other people who do testing for less time and money.

No! This is important to consider when choosing an evaluator. Most licensed mental health counselors are not trained to administer comprehensive psychological testing. School psychologists are not trained to administer the full battery of tests that licensed clinical psychologists specialize in. It is imperative to ensure that your evaluation is a complete assessment of you or your child’s functioning. Incomplete or inadequate testing can have negative implications for both children as well as adults. All too often it happens that a child is only administered academic and behavioral measures and not social and emotional measures. This can lead to an incorrect or missed diagnosis, costing you more than you bargained for. In all likelihood, the issues you sought testing for will only become more intense over the next few years, costing you precious academic time and will cause you to have to do another evaluation down the road. Our testing is comprehensive and will examine all the facets of functioning required to make an informed decision about what to do about your current concerns. Psychological testing should be viewed as an investment in your child’s future. A comprehensive report will be a document that should guide your family through the next several years by addressing the real issues and taking your child’s entire range of functioning into account. 

For adults, psychological evaluations are often documents needed for court proceedings or medical procedures. At Psychological Wellness Center our licensed clinical psychologists use only the most widely used and empirically validated tests  whose clinical utility have been proven and accepted both within the field of psychology as well as by other professionals who may require the report.

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