Couples Therapy

Do you feel stuck and tired of having the same fight over and over? Do you feel as though you can’t seem to connect with your partner? Do you wonder if the bond that brought you together has weakened? Does your partner feel like more of a friend or a roommate than a romantic partner? Have you thought “I love them, but am I still in love with them?” Couples therapy helps couples understand and resolve conflicts and focuses on improving the relationship. Couples are given tools to communicate better, negotiate differences, problem solve and even argue in a healthier way. Too often, couples present for treatment as a “last ditch effort” to save the relationship. You can get help before it’s too late.

Common Couples Concerns Include:

• Ineffective communication

• Financial stress

• Intimacy concerns

• Family stress

• Difficulties committing to life-changing events, like whether to get married or have children

Couples Therapy Can Help You Lean To:

• Communicate more effectively

• Navigate in healthy ways through arguments

• Break destructive patterns in your relationship

• Heal from infidelity

• Have more fun together

• Build intimacy and affection

• Decrease defensiveness

• Set realistic expectations for each other

• Strengthen the bond that first brought you together

• Plan for success in the future

Family Therapy

Are your family members having difficulties getting
along? Do you feel disrespected and not listened to in your family? Have your efforts at discipline stopped working? Does anyone in your family say they feel picked on or left out? Family therapy helps family members improve communication, closeness, and resolve conflicts. It can provide family members with better understanding of each other and provides skills to help cope with challenging situations more effectively. Family therapy can help improve troubled relationships in the family; address specific issues such as stress, grief, and anger; or help the family learn to manage the particular stresses of one member, such as a disability.

Common Family Concerns Include:

• Family members feeling isolated

• Frequent arguments in the family

• Children not following discipline

• Stress in the family related to significant difficulties of one member

Family therapy can help you learn to:

• Communicate more effectively

• Rebalance family members and dissolve unhealthy alliances

• Establish effective discipline techniques

• Reduce overprotectiveness or excessive leniency

• Understand what are parent’s responsibilities and what are children’s
responsibilities at each stage of life

• Encourage independence from your children

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