Developmental Playgroups and Postpartum Support

Building Blocks is a playgroup for parents to learn essential activities for baby’s development at each stage of growth. Hands-on play experiences facilitated by a clinical psychologist are tailored for each age group. These experiences teach parents interactions that promote brain development and physical, social, and emotional growth. Parents’ questions about their baby’s progress and development will be answered by the psychologist who has been observing and interacting with their child. 

Building Blocks presents a unique opportunity to engage in directed activities that foster simultaneous growth and bonding. The group format provides parents with a social environment where they can share struggles and successes with other new parents.


Open to parents with children ages 0-3 years


• Class is once a week for one hour
• Classes for ages 0-2 years are offered Monday – Thursday at 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM.
• Classes (ages 2-3) are available Tuesday at 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.
• Classes are divided by age range. Please phone to inquire about the schedule for your child’s class.



Discounts available for various enrollment options

To enroll, please call 561.207.7625

Psychological Wellness Center offers individual postpartum depression and anxiety support. We are also available to work with couples to help with adjustment to the many changes that come with welcoming a new family member.

Additionally, New Mother and New Father groups are available to help new parents share parenting struggles and learn to cope with maternal and paternal challenges.


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