Biofeedback and Relaxation Training

What is biofeedback?

Biofeedback uses specialized software that enables you to track your heart rate. During the process you will be watching soothing graphics on a computer screen and listening to relaxing music. While you work through the modules, the software relays immediate information to you on the screen so you can actually see how your body physically responds to your thoughts, emotions, stress, tension, or relaxation.

The software we use involves mastering your way through varying levels of biofeedback games where your task is to achieve a calm and relaxed state in order to complete goals on the screen. In this way, you are able to have fun while learning an essential life skill. These programs make biofeedback an excellent choice for children as well as adults. Furthermore, our biofeedback program is housed in spa-like relaxation room that enables you to temporarily escape from everyday stress to focus on your own well-being.

The process helps you gain mind-body awareness and conscious control over your normally unconscious physiological responses. When you gain access to information about your body that you previously did not know, you learn to gain more control over your states. The principle you are learning is self-regulation and, once mastered, can be done without the use of the software during any times of anxiety, stress, or tension.

How can biofeedback help?

Learning essential skills for relaxation and mind-body integration will help you to:

• Deal more effectively with challenges

• Increase your focus

• Improve your concentration

• Reduce intrusive thoughts that provoke nervousness and worry

• Reduce overall anxiety (including performance, social, and test anxiety)

• Restore and balance your energy, increasing your productivity, and freeing up more
   of your time

• Improve your relationships by helping you respond more effectively to interpersonal stress

Is biofeedback appropriate for children and adolescents?

Absolutely! Learning the techniques of biofeedback with our program is like playing a computer game that is both fun and educational. Children and adolescents will learn effective ways to manage stress and anxiety. After they master the program, they reduce the amount of worry they experience and will have gained effective coping skills for all areas of life.

Biofeedback can be particularly useful as a tool to help overcome anxiety, worry, perfectionism, OCD, and trauma-related stress. Because anxious children tend to exhibit difficulties with behavioral control, these techniques can also help children improve their overall responses to their environment. Test, performance, and social anxieties can all be lessened when you know how to control your body’s responses to stress. Biofeedback mastery in children and adolescents can be viewed as an essential protective skill that will help guide them through all periods of future stress.

Biofeedback Costs

The cost is a $120 initial session where you will explore and discuss your specific situation with a licensed clinical psychologist who will then guide you through your first biofeedback session. Subsequent sessions are $40/session.

Psychological Wellness Center offers several biofeedback packages. Our most popular package includes the initial consult for $120 and 15 biofeedback sessions for $30/hour.

Please phone to inquire about all of our biofeedback package options.

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